Intentional, 2019 Word of the Year

Intentional: Done with intention or on purpose. Sounds easy enough, right? This word kept popping into my head when I started dreaming about what our next year would like. As you read in my post about 2018, there was a lot of change for us that kind of just happened. We found ourselves in a whirlwind of change, constantly adapting and adjusting. In the end, everything turned into such blessings and fruitful rewards, but I am craving a bit more focused efforts in 2019.

As I sit here with 2019 in my sights, I start to visualize the whole year ahead. Over the years I have learned that setting a focus with some tangible and attainable goals is a much more holistic approach to the year instead of all of the typical resolutions that I used to set. At least, I can say that it works much better for us this way.

So, back to our word. I guess the reason it fits our family so much right now could really be broken down into a few different categories. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I can’t resist the chance to create some good old bullet points. Ha!


Done with intention or on purpose.
  • Time– Sure, we’ve all got the same 24 hours in a day. That’s true. My plan is to be very intentional about the way we spend it. Quality time is my main love language so this one is easy for me to speak, but I want to do a better job of translating this to those around me. Some tangible ways we will be more intentional with our time is by doing things that we love and doing them together. Getting outside often, more reading, more sunshine, more cooking, and sometimes just choosing to take it slow and be still. This will be a hard one for me, as I really like to be doing something at all times, but I have learned that recharging and resting are very important for my body and soul.
  • Health– This might be my favorite one. Intentionality with our health is something that is very important to us. Do we love ice cream and cookies? Yes. Do we feel great when we eat them every day? No. Being intentional with our health means starting the year out with a focused reset, aka Whole 30, and then sliding into a normal healthful way of eating. Which also includes not feeling guilty for treats and special indulgences. After Whole 30, of course. Health is an all-encompassing thing and is so much more than just the food that we eat. Being intentional with health also means getting out and moving our bodies, taking bubble baths, curling up with a book, preventative care, positive self-talk, and choosing kindness with one another. I’m talking to you, Dregon and Desmond. *Easier said than done for the 7-year-old and the 3-year-old*
  • Spending– I’ve really been diving into this one lately so I am letting it spill over into 2019. Intentional spending vs. YOLO spending. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I am the kind of person that can go into the grocery store for a few things and then $200 later in her cart go, “hmmm…I really didn’t think I had that much stuff in there.” It is a really great thing that my husband is 100% the opposite of this. He can stick to a plan and know exactly what’s in the cart. Down to a few cents. It’s like the Price is Right kind of freaky. Maybe I will intentionally take him shopping with me more or just let him do all of the shopping in 2019. In all seriousness, I just really plan on asking myself a lot more questions in this area. Do I need that? Do I need this? Or do I WANT it?
  • Mentality– This one could really tie into health, but I feel like it’s so important that it needs a separate category. This includes everything; what you watch, listen to, read, talk about and WHO you spend your time with. One of my favorite quotes that I say all of the time is “You are the average of who you spend the most time with.” (Jim Rohn) Not only is it important to me to surround myself with positive, uplifting, and genuine people, but I really strive to be that for others. I consider myself a bit of an empath as well as an extrovert so I can really just feel it when there is negative energy around. It’s ok to say no to spending time with people that do not serve you well in this goal or that suck the energy right from your soul. Your mental health and overall mentality for this next year are that important. I feel really great to be starting 2019 off with a bang before it even begins in this category. I can’t wait to strengthen and grow these relationships even further.

To sum it all up, do what you love, with who you love, get out there and move, nourish your body with good food, and say no to negativity! Be INTENTIONAL. Cheers!


Rebecca Roses