2018, A Year In Review

2018. What a year. It’s coming to a close and I always like to take the last few days of the year to reflect upon things before the fresh and exciting promises of a new year begin.

Change. 2018 was a year of change for us. We didn’t yet know exactly how much our lives would change at the beginning of 2018, but boy they sure did change. I mean, we knew we would be adding a new member to the family, but we had yet to learn of the exciting things that were being worked out and into our lives when January rolled around. For the past few years, I always write down a word and set an intention before the new year that will become “our” word. In years past we’ve had such words as, Abundance, Faith, and Gratitude. Oddly enough, things were a little crazy and hectic at the end of 2017, so we didn’t pick a word for 2018. Hence, why I can reflect and say…oh yeah, CHANGE was definitely our word.

January brought lots of uncertainty to our hearts at first. We were feeling pressure from a lot of different angles. We were living in a temporary apartment due to selling our home at the end of 2017, were in a very rocky situation at work, still questioning certain diagnoses during my pregnancy, and the dreaded flu took down 3/4 of our household. Pregnant mama included in that 3/4 by the way. We were being shaken quite literally from the inside out. Doug’s birthday rolled around and we found ourselves grasping for joy. We did the only thing we know how to do in these trying and discerning times… love each other. We had moments of unease, questioning, and doubt, but in the end, all of these emotions and situations were happening to spur us into the giant change and transformation that would ultimately strengthen us as a family.

February started to bring new promises and hope. Doug had started a new job where his value and passions were being celebrated daily. We made the most of our tiny apartment living knowing that even though “where” we would eventually move was undecided, being together was all that mattered at the moment. Also, living in such close quarters really taught us a lot about what we did and DIDN’T need. Big emphasis on didn’t. Cram a family of 4 into a small apartment for 6 months and you’ll be sure to find out. Mindset change for sure.

We were getting closer to the birth month of our daughter and things started to become really exciting. Some of our health concerns had been put to rest or at least put at ease. See earlier posts about our pregnancy journey for details on that. Opportunities were coming up at Doug’s new job which meant a possible BIG move for us. Change was coming.

April rolled around and Della was here. The biggest change for us by far in the year 2018 was bringing a daughter into our family and going from a family of 4 to a family of 5 Roses. I say biggest but I also mean easiest. Something fell into place when we brought her home. A piece that was always missing, but we didn’t even know it until she was there fitting into perfect harmony. Our boys’ rough and tumble little hearts seems to soften a bit the moment they met her. And of course, Doug would never be the same after seeing his girl look at him with those big brown eyes. And me, well how could I complain seeing all of that happen around me. We were in love. Changed forever.

Then the big move. Della wasn’t even a month old yet and we packed up all of our belongings and memories and moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from Houston, Texas. Leaving our tiny apartment, our big family, and our old life behind we looked forward to the road ahead. The question: What kind of change would this move bring? The answer: Stability. Compromise. Love. And so much YES.

Having the last 8 months of the year under our belts here in Oklahoma we’ve learned so much. This wasn’t just your typical move states kind of move. We literally changed everything. I decided for the first time ever to stay at home with the kids, move away from my family, and do it all while having a newborn and both big kids out of school for the summer. It was at times messy, crazy, fuzzy and overwhelming. But at the same time, it was beautiful, fulfilling, fun and rewarding. And it continues to be so on a daily basis. All of those things including the messy and the crazy.

With big change, you have big growth. We certainly felt a lot of growth in our lives. And this growth had to happen within ourselves first. For me personally, I had to let go of fear, unmet expectations, and self-doubt. Making it a priority to cultivate meaningful and lasting friendships has been a big blessing to me. Coming from a place where I was surrounded by family to not being immediatly surrounded, I knew I would have to build a tribe here. Luckily I feel that God has placed some amazing women in my life for this new journey of ours. As our friendships grow it gives me such hope for 2019. And of course, the wonderful world of technology that is texting and facetiming with my family in moments of need.

I know in my heart that this year of change was exactly what our little family was meant to do. It certainly could not have been possible without another little word that means so much to us. And that word is TRUST. Trusting that everything will work out and be exactly the way it is supposed to be is something that my husband is really good at. I am so thankful that he reminded and reminds me of this when I need it the most, especially during those very BIG moments of 2018.

All in all, I am excited for 2019. I can’t wait to share our new “word” with you. Once it comes to me of course! These things normally just spring into my mind and I can’t get them out of my head. So as I reflect, I hope you might decide to set an intention or word of the year for your 2019.


Rebecca Roses